Dear Sylvia,

Thank you for all that you did to sell my house. It was such a great pleasure to work with you. You are enthusiastic, full of creative ideas and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to work with a true professional who is experienced and obviously enjoys her job.





Hi Sylvia,


It was a pleasure meeting with you finally last night. You are a wonderful agent!! It’s great to work with someone that has such passion for their job. I just want to thank you for your professionalism with this transaction. Thank you for your kindness, soft spoken manor, and your love for what you do.







Hi Sylvia,

Again, I want to tell you how much of a pleasure it had been to work with you and my Dad; he also thought your professionalism was remarkable (which he isn't one to "give out" compliments easily) He couldn't say enough about you I have heard him tell many people about how great, and how quickly you returned the concerns/questions of a potential buyer. Your work ethic is outstanding, if only everyone had such great passion at what they do, the world would be a better place with a lot more smiles.



Dear Sylvia,

Wendy and I will always be grateful for your assistance with our Massachusetts condo sale, which was especially appreciated because we were so far away. Thank you for your great work in a difficult real estate environment.

Mahalo, Ted Peskin




Sylvia Pollastri has been our realtor for two condo sales in two very different economic environments and we were incredibly pleased with her assistance both times.


The first sale was in 2005 at a time of rapid appreciation of Massachusetts real estate. Sylvia exceeded our high expectations with that sale and we ended up with multiple offers and a final sale at higher than our asking price. We feel that her real estate expertise was the reason for our success.


The second sale was in 201 0 at a low in the Massachusetts market and also when we were moving to Hawaii and needed extra help from such a long distance. Sylvia’s expertise and understanding of the market led us to prepare our condo appropriately for sale and price it realistically. We were again successful with the sale at a reasonable price and in a reasonable time frame. Because of our long distance from Massachusetts, Sylvia attended to the many details involved in preparing the home for sale including arranging for some last minute improvements desired by the buyer. It was very reassuring to us to know that we had an outstanding professional who took care of everything and who kept us continuously informed.


We are writing this unsolicited testimonial because we have been so impressed with the work of Sylvia Pollastri and wanted to let others know that they can place their trust in her when it comes to their real estate transactions.


Ted and Wendy Peskin formerly of Lunenburg, Massachusetts now of Pahoa, Hawaii



“We had our house in Lunenburg on the market with another real estate office for good

part of six months with little to no movement when we turned to Sylvia Russo Pollastri for her services.


She came highly recommended, unlike the previous real estate agent she was very engaging, compassionate and results driven.


The housing market crisis was being felt nationwide and was more apparent in the price range of the type of house we were trying to sell. Within several weeks of working with us Sylvia, Russo Pollastri had formulated a strong marketing plan and we started getting activity both physical (several showings that had a high turn out) and electronic (a high number hits on the web).


She showed a great deal of tenacity and kept us well versed on all aspects of her strategy. She was successful in selling our property with minimal financial impact on us.


We highly recommend her services.”



J. Vin Vera & Dr. Esther G. Madzivire







It is with unending gratitude that I provide this letter of recommendation for Sylvia Russo Pollastri of Russo Pollastri Realty.



In October of 2007 my mother faced relocation to Florida due to advancing age and declining health. This was a time that she denied would ever come and that I dreaded. She had lived in her Fitchburg home for close to 50 years and had transformed it from a shed to an extremely comfortable home that contained all of her memories. We initially listed the property with another agent and during the ensuing six months did not have so much as one showing. Our contacts with that agency were few and far between, consisting of litanies of how bad the market was and how the city was falling apart.



At the termination of the contract, we listed with Sylvia based on a recommendation of a long time family friend. Sylvia and her office took over the property on May 1, 2008. On May 17 Sylvia notified us of our first showing which ended up being the only showing as the property sold. While I believe that divine providence was involved, it was surely the leg work provided by Sylvia and her office that brought it to fruition.



Sylvia faced the un daunting task of selling a house of over 200 years age whose owner was now living 1500 miles away. I cannot begin to enumerate how completely knowledgeable and organized Ms. Russo was in this endeavor. From the outset, she was up front and realistic regarding trends and provided us with forecasts that were reality based. She consistently maintained a positive attitude regarding the potential for sale and always instilled hope.



Once the offer was made, Sylvia went above and beyond our expectations. When presented with a potential problem, Sylvia always had at least one possible solution. We were kept in the loop throughout the transaction often involving calls in the late evenings and on the weekends. When presented with our apprehensions and fears, she was a sea of calm. The entire sale was effected with great efficiency and expertise. Never having met her, we felt completely at ease with the team that she had assembled at the ready to ensure a smooth closing.




Sylvia and her team are a rare commodity in today's market that has forgotten the value of customer service. I am in awe at how well she handled this event in our lives and will remain grateful for the ease in which it was conducted. As economic conditions continue to deteriorate, we sincerely believe that Sylvia and Russo Pollastri Realty are the best game in town and will certainly emerge the victors once things stabilize again.




Allan E. Dupuis RN, MS